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In light of the need to avoid spread of this virus and help us all keep safe I have taken the decision to temporarily postpone formal indoor classes until things become clearer.

However, our pets still need to be trained. So I am looking at the possibility of holding some outdoor sessions where we can be safely distanced, and also the feasability of using the internet to create some videos and online discussion if the situation continues.

I would like to reassure all my clients that I remain available to help with any pet issues. If you have any queries or need advice please contact me by phone or email shown on the contact page.

Whether an existing pet or a new puppy, we all want the best relationship with our dog.

Dogs have lived and worked alongside people for thousands of years. Our societies, and our reasons for keeping dogs, have evolved but our dogs remain incredible companions who offer us love, devotion and friendship.

Learning the skills to be a good dog owner and handler is not always intuitive. Why not learn how to enrich the life of your four-legged friend and yourself to make your relationship as rich and rewarding as possible?

Society nowadays requires we must be responsible with our pets, we have to accept that not everyone is a dog lover. Good handler skills and pet training can teach your dog the social rules and expectations, helping avoid problems and embarrassment for you and helping your dog to be happy and less stressed as a valuable member of today's family and society.

In my small group training sessions I use modern positive, reward based methods which are kind and practical. Working together we develop your teamwork with your dog to achieve a polite, well-mannered and sociable pet.

Goldmark Dog Training holds listed status with the Kennel Club UK.