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Group Classes

Life skills and Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

I hold weekly classes at Betley Village Hall primarily on Saturday mornings. Classes usually last for one hour and typically have 4-6 dogs in each. Never more than 8. Other class times may be available subject to demand.

Personal Tuition

Perhaps a personal training session in the comfort of your own home would be more convenient?

If your work and family commitments don't permit attending regular group session, or there are specific problems with which you would like assistance, this can be aranged.

Please contact me and let me know your needs.

Regular Courses

Please contact me, then we can consider the most appropriate class for you. The course duration is typically 6-8 weeks.

What your dog will learn, amongst other skills:

All intelligent dogs really benefit from a physical and mental workout and we take care to make training classes enjoyable for them.

Family children are welcome as observers and we positively encourage young owners to learn the essentials of dog handling. Children must however be accompanied by a responsible adult and young observers must be prepared to watch quietly and not distract the training.