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Puppy Primer

New puppy at home!

The first sixteen weeks of puppy's life and the following months are vital to your young dog’s development into a well behaved and balanced pet. This learning period will affect how your dog will behave for the rest of their life.

It's often the most stressful period of dog ownership as you and puppy are learning to live together.

After the excitement and anticipation of bringing puppy home, what to do about….toilet training, teething, visitors, jumping up, chewing, grooming, meeting other people, children and other animals, traffic, noises…… that's often grouped under “ socialisation” but it's more than that….. so many questions!

I can help you with private sessions in the comfort of your home. The Puppy Preschool Package is 3 sessions and includes email support for 3 months plus priority booking for beginner and bronze courses.